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Caring Approach; Meet a Family Lawyer who Puts Your Unique Needs First

In today’s bustling law offices, it’s all too common to find a family lawyer who treats you like just another number. But at Stromfors Law Office we are never eager to hustle you out the door. Our team of experienced family lawyers take all the time necessary to provide our signature caring experience, aimed to put your mind at ease during stressful situations.

At Stromfors Law Office, a client is never a number. Each person who walks through the door of our family law office is recognized as a unique individual with their own set of needs and goals. We apply a consultative approach to learn more about your specific situation, and then deliver counsel that addresses your own needs and goals.

Because you deserve to be treated like an individual.

Advocate for Children: A Child Advocate Attorney Protecting the Best Interests of Minors

Stromfors Law Office is noted for a unique perspective and unyielding drive in situations involving children, stemming from a background in social work and as advocates for children in court. Expect to find a child advocate attorney who believes the interests of children must remain the highest of priorities. Our goal at Stromfors Law Office is to help you achieve the result in our family court matter you believe is in your children’s best interest.

Goal-Achievement Process

At Stromfors Law Office you will work with a family law team to establish a unique goal-achievement process.

The team at Stromfors Law Office understands the deeply emotional response which often arises when a person engages in legal proceedings involving your family and assets. Ease that tremendous anxiety by working with an experienced family law attorney who is dedicated to help you navigate the legal process, through a clearer understanding of family law and how it specifically applies to your circumstances. Together with our legal team, you will develop options tailored to your individual needs.

Stromfors Law Office represents clients in every facet of family law. The practice also offers services in the areas of juvenile law and serves as a Best Interest Attorney for children in family court. However, despite this robust experience and capability, at Stromfors Law Office you will find a team of caring individuals with a knack for establishing human connections. Their goal achievement process is just one example of how the works to create a positive environment.

Our growing practice has expertise in virtually all issues arising in the area of family law in combination with a background in social work and as advocates for children in court. We aim to provide each and every client with the highest level of service, integrity, and understanding they deserve.” — Stephanie Stromfors

Avoid letting your family law matter become a source of undue stress and anxiety. Work with Stromfors Law Office and gain a clearer understanding of where you case is now, and where it is heading. Please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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