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At Stromfors Law Office, we understand the anxiety produced by uncertainty stemming from family law matters. Our goal in these situations is to secure the most desirable outcome possible, and also to restore a sense that you are in control of your future. With that in mind, we hope the following family law information is useful to you. Whether you choose to become a client or not, please know the team at Stromfors Law Office keeps your best interests at heart.

Maricopa County Superior Court

The homepage for Family Court in Maricopa County is your gateway for information about your own case, as well as a number of useful resources. Get Information »

Family Court Forms

Here you’ll find a number of forms, should you need to submit them yourself, which are necessary for various scenarios in family law. Get Information »

Child Support Calculator

This online calculator is useful for determining any child support payments a party may owe, based on the most recent child support guidelines. Get Information »

Maricopa County Parent Information Program Handout

This PDF handout contains links to numerous family law resources for Maricopa County, as well as descriptions explaining their use. Get Information »

Maricopa County Parent Information Program Videos

This YouTube channel for Maricopa County Family Court includes videos that offer information for family law matters, as well as other common topics. Get Information »

Maricopa County Parent Information Program Workshop Schedule

These court-approved, in-person classes are offered by a number of community-based providers at various locations throughout Maricopa County in English and Spanish. Get Information »

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