Our experienced Maricopa County juvenile law attorneys handle a variety of cases including the termination of parental rights, guardianships, and adoptions.

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights, whether voluntary or involuntary, permanently ends the legal rights, privileges, duties, and obligations between a parent and their child.

In Arizona, under statue Title 8-533, any individual with a “legitimate interest in the welfare of the child” may petition the court to terminate parental rights. This may include a relative, foster parent, medical professional, Child Protective Services or a similar licensed child welfare agency.

Involuntarily termination can happen in the following situations:

  • Abandonment
  • Chronic or severe abuse or neglect
  • Failure to establish paternity
  • Felony conviction or incarceration
  • Mental illness or deficiency of the parent
  • Parental incapacity due to drug or alcohol abuse
  • Felony assault, murder, or manslaughter of a sibling
  • Sexual Abuse

Voluntary termination of parental rights is most common in cases of adoption. When giving up a child for adoption, biological parents must terminate their parental rights before the adoptive parents take responsibility for the child.


A guardian is someone appointed by the Court to make decisions concerning health and welfare of a minor child. In many cases, guardians are appointed when the parent (or parents) are unable to care for their child or if both parents are deceased.

Any adult, who is willing and capable, can serve as a temporary or permanent guardian in Arizona. This individual has the same responsibilities as a biological parent to provide food, shelter and medical care to the child.

Temporary guardianship may become permanent if the child’s parents pass away or terminate their parental rights.


Our Chandler adoption lawyers represent foster and adoptive parents as well as birth parents who wish to place their child up for adoption. We also handle stepparent and relative adoptions throughout Maricopa County.

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