Thank you for your patience with us during a very difficult time – our state makes this process arduous at best. We are still wondering how you make your way thru it every day. [Child] is still “sing-songing” – you’re the first to get her there.

– S.

After we left your office the first time we met you, our reaction was wow! She is amazing! We’ve never lost that feeling. You kept [Child] safe – but us sane. The availability you have given us… the advice… we hold you close to our hearts and will forever fondly reflect on the bond our family, especially our son, has with you.

– C.C.

To the Staff of Stromfors Law:
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case. It is because of you… attorneys, paralegals, office management team that the court finally turned a head in my (kids) direction.

This note to you is long over due. [The] passage from Winnie the Pooh is from a book I have read to my children. It applies to you, in that, I am grateful you were next to me up to and including the trial. Thank you for allowing payments.

– Anonymous

We hired Stephanie to help us with the adoption of our son. She did an outstanding job but was not our first lawyer. Our first lawyer was fired shortly after retaining her due to personality conflicts. We explained the situation to Stephanie and she was very understanding, kind, and caring as well as being a very competent and diligent lawyer. Would definitely hire her again.

– Jeremy

Ms. Stromfors and her team were always incredibly informative, communicative, and reliable. Ms. Stromfors was always very honest with what to expect and did not sugar coat it. She did not set unrealistic expectations. She got me results that were better than I was hoping for. I hope I never have to hire a Family Law attorney again but if so, I know exactly who I am calling.

– Laura

I hired Ms. Stromfors to help me with a guardianship case. My sister passed away leaving my niece without a living parent. Even though my sister was clear in her will that she wanted me to be the guardian, the other side of the family took her across state lines and got a guardianship for her in AZ. The courts in my niece’s home state refused to get involved. Ms Stromfors was able to work with my main attorney and get the AZ court to withdraw the guardianship and refer the issue back to the child’s home state where I was eventually awarded guardianship. Ms. Stromfors clearly understands AZ law and court processes. She knew what questions to ask me and approached the work professionally and effectively. Her consultation was free, the cost reasonable and timeline she anticipated was very accurate.

– Brian

I have used Stephanie for 2 divorces now. The first involved custody of my daughter and the second involved determination and compensation for equity in my business. Both were long and complicated. In both cases she was compassionate to me helping ease my stress and anxiety while also being very professional. I feel she always had my daughter’s best interest I’m mind when advising me of my options and encouraged fair and reasonable outcomes. She also went above and beyond what I feel other attorneys would have done to understand the business aspects of my second divorce and be my advocate. I am aware of other attorneys that do shady things to upset the other side and induce drama. Stephanie is not one of those attorneys. She is an honest person with great integrity. I highly recommend her. 

– Jay

Due to a family tragedy and emergency that occurred in Arizona, I was left scrambling to locate a strong family/juvenile court attorney to help me protect my grandchild. I live on the east coast and this situation was horrific and the need to locate the best attorney 3000 miles away just added to our stress. I was referred to Stephanie and her team. From the moment we made contact, Stephanie and team took us under their wing and helped us through all the processes. We were always kept up to date, provided us with essential information for decision making and they handled our emergency with the same urgency as we felt. I will always be grateful to this law firm for their unwavering professionalism and knowledge of the law. I recommend them to anyone who asks.

– Nina

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